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Pelikan M9000 Evolution of Script Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Pelikan M9000 Evolution of Script Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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Pelikan M9000 Evolution of Script Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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Pelikan M9000 Evolution of Script Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Evolution of Script fountain pen was released in 2007 and it the first in the short series of M9000 fountain pens dedicated to Achievements of Civilization.

Up to day (2022) only two pens have been added in this series, the Calculation of Times in 2008, and the Fire in 2010.

Evolution of Script

For thousands of years, the accumulated knowledge of humankind, the diverse cultural achievements of different peoples, their legends and their histories could only be transmitted by word of mouth. As a result, much was irretrievably lost. Only with the invention of writing did it become possible for such ancestral lore to be preserved for coming generations in its original form.

Pelikan is celebrating this quantum leap in the history of human civilisation with a limited edition released in 2007.

This fountain pen bears the name "Evolution of Script".

With this, Pelikan is looking back to the origins of writing thousands of years ago: from the cave paintings that were the precursors of writing, via the invention of hieroglyphics in Egypt and Mesopotamian cuneiform, to the development of the Greek alphabet as the point of departure for European scripts.

The high-grade resin cap is engraved with cave painting motifs. The barrel, which is gold-plated with lacquer embellishments, displays the other early forms of writing as finely drawn symbols, hand-engraved in masterly fashion. The individual epochs are visually separated by gold-plated rings, in order to symbolise appropriately the line of development.

The incomparable nature of this collectors' item is very apparent in the 18-carat gold nib, which Pelikan embossed with a different design for this edition. On the clip, the shape of which reflects the overall form of the pen, the same pattern as is embossed on the nib is repeated in high relief, recessed into the clip.

Technically too, this masterpiece represents the culture of writing in its purest form. Solid brass components guarantee reliable functionality combined with the highest degree of writing comfort. The artistic realisation of the theme, united with the consummate workmanship exercised on materials of the highest quality, makes "Evolution of Script" a highly desirable object, particularly for collectors.

This plunger fountain pen is to be produced in a limited edition restricted to 930 examples worldwide: this recalls the first European adaptation of the Phoenician alphabet, which occurred on Crete in around 930 BC. The edition number, which is engraved on the end of the filling knob, makes each fountain pen unmistakably a one-and-only object.