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Payment Methods for your purchases

See below the ways in which you can pay for your purchases from Evangelidis Pens &

  • Cash on Delivery *valid only for deliveries in Greece
  • Credit or Debit Card on our eshop
  • Using Cash, Credit Cards, or Debit Cards in store if you select to pick up your products from our store in the center of Athens 
  • Wire transfer to our bank accounts
    • Piraeus Bank: 
      • IBAN GR27 0172 0300 0050 3009 6396 079
    • Eurobank:
      • IBAN GR74 0260 0950 0005 3020 1243 246
  • Paypal Money Request (contact us)
  • Paypal on our website

If your prefered method of payment is not listed here please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request!