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18 Dec Penning 2023
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Only a few days to go this year, and we've pretty much seen all there is to be, so before it is too late, here is our Great Guide to the Pens of 2023, detailing the writing instruments (and parapherna..
03 May Pelikan M800 Green Demo 1992 vs. 2023
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Pelikan M800 Green Demonstrator Now (2023) vs. Then (1992) A pen that will surely brighten your days, the Pelikan M800 Green Demonstrator, was released earlier this spring by the beloved German ma..
15 Dec Best Pens - 2022 Editions
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As the clock is ticking on 2022, the time has come yet again to take stock of the writing instruments released during the year, and present you our crème de la crème of 2022 in the world of writing in..
13 Nov Pelikan Maki-e-ruption
fountainpen 3 543
Pelikan has promised to deliver 2 Limited Edition Maki-e models in 2022, and we are quite happy to present them here for you! Both editions are executed on the M1000 size, and thus have the standard ..
06 Jul Montblanc Writers Editions
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Montblanc Writers Editions A detailed list of all Montblanc Writers, and brief information on each of the editions.  * Author's note: This blog post is and will remain a work in progress. It is a le..
15 May Pelikan Ink of the Year 2022 Apatite
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Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2022 - Apatite We tested Pelikan's Ink of the Year 2022 and suffice it to say that we are ecstatic! According to Pelikan, colors are meant to fuel emotions. If that..
07 Feb Valentine's Giveaway
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Valentine's Giveaway That special day of the year that is set aside to celebrate love and passion is just around the corner, and -although you probably know that we are mainly enamoured with fountain..
19 Jan Aurora Talentum Dedalo L.E. 555
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Aurora Talentum Dedalo Limited Edition 555 On the turn of 2022 the historic Italian writing instruments manufacturer presents a limited edition inspired by Greek Mythology, and specifically the myth ..
27 Dec Best Pen Releases of 2021
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Best Pen Releases of 2021 On your marks. Set. Scribble! As the year comes to an end we stole some time to prepare and present to you a list of the best writing instruments released during 2021. Alt..
07 Nov Aurora Ipsilon Demo Color Fountain Pens
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Aurora Ipsilon Demo Color Fountain Pens To assist our return to writing in the world after the lock downs, to re-introduce vitality and color in our lifes, Aurora introduces a colorful special editio..
04 Oct Pelikan Classic 200 Golden Beryl
fountainpen 2 1290
Pelikan Classic 200 Special Edition Golden Beryl An unusual ink of the year requires an unusual special edition fountain pen! After surprising us with the very impressive, sparkling Golden Beryl Ink..
24 Sep Pelikan Classic 205 Duo Highlighter NEON Yellow Fountain Pen
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Classic 205 Duo Highlighter Neon Yellow Fountain Pen The beloved dual function fountain pen is back in Pelikan's lines after a long absence! The Classic 205 Duo Highlighter is a really smart writing..
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