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Terms & Conditions for the e-shop of Evangelidis Pens,

Thank you for visiting the E-shop of Evangelidis Pens,, the oldest pen shop in Greece!

A necessary condition for using our website is the uninhibited acceptance of all terms of use listed hereby.

Users ought to read those terms and should they choose not to accept them must terminate their of our website

The use of our website indicates your acceptance of the terms listed below:

1. Intellectual Property

All content of this website is the intellectual property of the legal entity owning the website, Sparkle P.C. and/or the owners of such intellectual property from whom Sparkle P.C. has requested and received the right to lawfully use such content for the purposes of this website. 


2. Privacy Policy

The website is obligated to preserve the private nature of your data and shall not reveal, publicise, transfer, sell, rent or in any other way share your data unless so required by law and relevant authorities.

Our website stores the data you create while using the page and may use them exclusively for the purposes of marketing and communication.

The data you share with our webpage are accurate and in no way untruthfull, unfit for use, or illegal.

Users may at any time contact us and request a report on their data that our website stores, and accordingly demand that the data we hold pertaining to their person be deleted, ammended, or otherwise corrected.

Underage visitors are only allowed to use the services of our website under parental guidance, and have no obligation to share their private data with us. If such data are provided, and if we are informed, we will immediately proceed to the deletion of all such data.

Our website and especially the marketing department may use all your data or part of your data for statistical purposes and for the purpose of improving our services.

3. Hyperlinks

We do not control the legitimacy, content and privacy policies, or other policies of websites other than our own. Thus, it should be obvious that we carry no responsibility over any content that is or is not available at other websites that we may or may not link through hyperlinks or banners, or other means. Any links to other websites posted on our website are there for the sole purpose of assisting users to navigate and understand products, and we carry no responsibility over any content posted in any pages other than our own. Hyperlinks from our website to other websites do not mean that we implicitly or explicitly approve of the content or the policies of the websites linked to. Users of those websites linked to visit them at their own will and all interactions they hold with those websites are their own responsilbility.

4. Liability Limitation

At we have done our best to present products with maximum accuracy via images descriptions and details. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all descriptions visual or verbal, the availability of all descriptions or items described and their effects.

5. Trademarks

The present website,, its content and the logo "Evangelidis Pens", are the property of Sparkle P.C.. All names of products and companies presented on our website may be registered trademarks and are the property of their respective legal owners. Use of the present website does not under any circumstance permit the free use of any of those trademarks.

6. Pricing Policies

All prices listed on our website are final retail prices and include the legal V.A.T. (24%).

Prices, pricelists and all sorts of offers or discounts presented on our website are the sole prerogative of our website and may be altered at any time with no prior notification.

All special offers that may appear shall be explicitly defined by rules available to all interested users.

8. Transitional Provisions

We reserve the right to alter the content and the services of our website,, as well as our terms of use whenever we deem appropriate and without prior notice. All such alterations shall be considered effective by their public appearance on this website. 

Jurisdiction over all legal disputes that may arise from the use of our website are the courts of Athens, Greece.

9. Returns Policy

Buyers have the right to return any item purchased except cartridges, bottled ink, and refills for pens of any kind.

Any returns should be done within fourteen (14) days of the day the consumer took delivery of the product as confirmed by the outbound courier's receipt.

In case you opt to return a product, the cost of returning as well as the responsibility for the timely return of the product burden the consumer returning the item. 

For a return to be accepted the item must arrive in our offices in perfect condition, without traces of wear, or use, or modification. Along with it all components and complements must be shipped, including but not limited to packaging, labels, guarantee cards, instruction details and/or any gifts accompanying the item.

Once a return is confirmed, you should expect to be refunded fourteen (14) days after we've received the return.