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Stipula Pens

Brand: Stipula
Stipula Academia Prometheia Edition Fountain Pen The Stipula Prometheia Limited Edition fountain pen is a unique sculptural work dedicated to the Ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the Gods and delivered it to humankind. This work of art was designed by the famous ..
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Brand: Stipula
Stipula Giovanni da Verrazzano Limited Edition Fountain Pen   Produced by Stipula around the year 2000, the Limited Edition fountain pen Giovanni da Verrazzano is a unique writing instrument produced in only 1524 numbered pieces. This pen was produced as a tribute to the great Italian ..
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Brand: Stipula
Stipula Il Dono Limited Edition Fountain Pen Introduced by Stipula in the year 1996, the Limited Edition fountain pen Il Dono is a unique sculptural writing instrument retelling the myth of the naming of the city of Athens, Greece. Stipula Il Dono Silver was produced in only 988 numbered pie..
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