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Davidoff Writing Instruments


Brand: Davidoff
Davidoff Velero Guilloche Palladium Ballpoint Pen Rare Davidoff Ballpoint Pen with palladium plated stainless steel body and twist mechanism Standards: Material: Stainless steel Plating: Palladium Mechanism: Twist Length: 140mm..
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Brand: Davidoff
Davidoff Velero Guilloche Palladium Fountain Pen The name “Valero” which in Spanish means sailboat allude to the nautical explorations. The pen is crafted in a solid metal body covered in beautiful shiny Palladium. The pen follows a tapered form with a cap that flares up at the top an..
Ex Tax:419.35€
Brand: Davidoff
Omas Ogiva Davidoff Burgundy Fountain Pen   This is a rare and pretty unsual Omas limited edition produced on commission  for Davidoff. The pen is actually an Ogiva with the addition of a wide decorated silver band and a very unusual clip. The white gold nib is marked Davidoff; th..
Ex Tax:544.35€
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