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Returns Policies

Return Policies of Evangelidis Pens

At Evangelidis Pens we understand that you may on occassion wish to return a product that you have purchased.

Whether because you have changed your mind, or you feel that the article was inaccurately represented, because you have changed your plans, or for any reason what so ever we will accept your return as long as you comply with our return policies:

  • If you wish to return an article, you must notify us of your intent, with reason, within 15 days of the item's delivery to you as confirmed by the outbound courier agency.
  • The item you wish to return must get back to us unused and in perfect condition.
  • The safe return of returning articles burdens the customer.
  • Returning items must reach us along with their original packaging and all guarantees and relevant papers and materials in perfect condition
  • All costs relevant to the return of the item burden the party returning the item (including transportation costs, export/import costs and duties, and any other related cost)

Please note that for the category of preowned and vintage items, instead of "new" and "unused" we expect to receive the item in the condition documented by photographic evidence prior to its shipment.

We reserve 15 days after the receipt of your return to confirm the condition of the article you are returning.

The amount due for return will be refunded 15 days after the confirmation of the article's condition.

If you have further questions on our returns policy, feel free to contact us.