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Evangelidis Pens - About Us

Welcome to Evangelidis Pens, the largest luxury pen shop in Greece

Evangelidis Pens is one of the oldest pen shops in Greece, with its routes traceable to 1935 in the center of Athens, very near its current location.

Today, Evangelidis Pens is one of the most established and internationally reknown luxury pen shops in the world. Our collection of writing instruments includes more than 3000 pens and fountain pens by more than 40 manufacturers.

Among our offerings you will find the latest releases from the top writing instruments brands: Montblanc, PelikanVisconti, Aurora, Parker, & Graf von Faber Castell, as well as rare Vintage & Preowned writing instruments, limited editions, special editions, and a large selection of inks and accessories to go with your beloved pens.

Evangelidis pens is a hub for all fountain pen collectors as well as a great spot for a novice to take his first steps in the world of luxury writing instruments. Collectors from Greece and the world over are always welcome!

Whether you are searching for a rare writing instrument, whether you need a simple refill or repair, or just wish to peak behind the curtains of the world of luxury writing, we will be happy to offer you a unique experience!