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Omas 360 T2 Titanium Fountain Pen O11A0002

Omas 360 T2 Titanium Fountain Pen O11A0002
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Omas 360 T2 Titanium Fountain Pen O11A0002
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Omas 360 T2 Titanium Fountain Pen O11A0002

The OMAS 360 is one of the most distinguished models by the historic Bologna-based manufacturer.

The 360 T2 Titanium was introduced in the early 2000s as an extension of the already successful T2 collection which included models in the Paragon and Milord collections.

The design of the 360 collection is elegant and futuristic at the same time. It's triangular shape with the sharp edges that meet at very smooth curves at both end gives the pen an aerodynamic feeling that is sure to attract attention.

However, the 360 is not only an eye catcher, it is also a very ergonomical fountain pen, well balanced and sure to fit very nicely into the writer's grip precisely due to its triangular shape.

Combining the unique design of the 360 with the high tech titanium that is used in the T2 models, we end up with the dream pen of many collectors.

This is a beautiful and rare fountain pen to be treasured.

The Omas 360 Titanium is a piston filler and an 18kt white gold nib.

Technology and great Italian craftsmanship, merge in a marriage of style and uniqueness into a pen bringing together art and design at the highest level of fashion.

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