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Visconti Mirage Mythos Apollo Rollerball Pen KP07-08-RB

Visconti Mirage Mythos Apollo Rollerball Pen KP07-08-RB
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Visconti Mirage Mythos Apollo Rollerball Pen KP07-08-RB
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Visconti Mirage Mythos Apollo Rollerball Pen KP07-08-RB

Visconti presents a brand new collection with a “divine” look: Apollo, Zeus and Aphrodite are the protagonists of Mirage Mythos.

For the editions inspired by the Ancient Greek Gods, Visconti has used the base of the Mirage collection, enhanced with a luxurious metallic grip, unique resin colors, and dedicated engravings inspired by the slopes of mount Olympus, home of the Gods. 

All metallic parts of the pen are gold coated with a satin finish. 

The elegant brown version is dedicated to Apollo, the God of arts and sciences.

A mirage turns reality on its head.

Something can simultaneously be as intangible as air and as hard as stone. The absolute becomes relative and the boundaries between reality and the dreamworld, imperceptible.

The delicate marbling in the resin of Visconti Mirage pens creates ever-changing colour effects that accentuate the uniqueness and elegance of this collection.

The Mirage collection has pushed us away from the consolidated Visconti style, opening up new design horizons. What initially seemed like an unobtainable mirage transformed into a tangible writing masterpiece.

The harmonious lines of the pen glide seamlessly between the barrel and the cap to gently taper off at both ends. The Visconti clip and stamped cap band add a layer of elegance to the overall effect.

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  • Cap & barrel made of acrylic resin in brown color 
  • Closure type: Magnetic Cap
  • Finishing: Yellow Gold
  • The pen comes in a luxurius giftbox. 

My Pen System:
Thanks to a magnetic system available on most of Visconti's regular collections, you can remove the metal disc with Visconti’s logo at the end of the pen and replace it with your initials. Add your preferred combination of initials as a comment to your order.