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Stilform INK Aluminium Night Sky Fountain Pen

Stilform INK Aluminium Night Sky Fountain Pen
Stilform INK Aluminium Night Sky Fountain Pen
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Stilform INK Aluminium Comet Grey Fountain Pen

A Magnetic Pen that Always Presents Its Best Self.

Stilform, the company behind the most successful fountain pen in crowdfunding history introduces their newest design - The Stilform INK fountain pen.
Created with the aim of an ultimate minimalist pen design with the most durable all-metal construction.
Stilform created the most effortless and enjoyable way of getting started with a fountain pen - give the cap a simple twist and it gets automatically pushed off by a strong magnetic force.
Through a unique magnetic closure, the distinctive flat sides along the pen will always align with themselves perfectly. 

No Threads, Comfortable Writing

Instead of relying on a screw-on cap like most metal fountain pens, the INK pen with the unique mechanism ensures a comfy holding position

By applying two strong N52 magnets, the unique magnetic feature not only simplifies the traditional opening/closing mechanism, also brings out a simple and minimal form.

Without the need to sacrifice an elegant and minimal form, you can still get a pen that doesn't roll away! The aligned flat sides and sharp edges along the pen stop pen-rolling effectively.

Build Your Favorite Pen!

Your pen is easily the best way to express your character! The nibs by renowned German Manufacturer Peter Bock ensure a smooth ink flow and incredible writing experience. It's super easy to switch nibs among materials and sizes.

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