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Omas Aleksandr Pushkin Fountain Pen Limited Edition O09A0071

Omas Aleksandr Pushkin Fountain Pen Limited Edition O09A0071 - Writing Instruments
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Omas Aleksandr Pushkin Fountain Pen Limited Edition O09A0071
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Omas Aleksandr Pushkin Fountain Pen Limited Edition O09A0071

The drawings are simple yet incisive and full of pathos, an unusual choice to adorn a prestigious fountain pen.

The design is inspired by the evocative language but simple construction in the apparently uncomplicated works of Alexsandr S. Pushkin, to whom this new OMAS masterpiece is dedicated.

The subtle gold wires bordering the drawings not only enhances the patterns but also serves as a reminder of the complex texture of the great writer’s stories.

Pushkin’s work, partly autobiographical, did much to inform the wider world of Russian culture, history, theatre, philosophy, nature and way of life.

His writing gives the reader immense scope for personal reflection thanks to the unforgettable way he dealt with the topics of life and death.

The warm color of the gold and distinguished enamel, reminiscent of the paper used for manuscripts, acts as a background to the images.

These depict the head of the poet on the top of the cap, a page from Eugene Onegin created using diamond engraving techniques and a symbolic goose feather on the clip.

Pushkin’s face, based on a self-portrait, can also be found in the middle of the ink reservoir with clouds above and the generous human earth below.

Like his face, Pushkin’s name can also be found twice: in the Cyrillic alphabet at one end of the fountain pen and in signature form on the body.

18 carat gold nib engraved with date of birth, piston filling system and collector’s case.

Limited and Numbered Edition in Silver: 1.799 pieces (1799 A. Pushkin’s year of birth), 1.000 Fountain Pens and 799 Roller Balls.

Piston filling, 1.20ml, dedicated 18kt white gold nib