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Omas The Silk Way O09A0093 Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Omas The Silk Way O09A0093 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Writing Instruments
Omas The Silk Way O09A0093 Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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Omas The Silk Way O09A0093 Limited Edition Fountain Pen

A precious homage to a route which has marked the history of man and of cultural exchanges between peoples in the last 2000 years.

The Silk Way refers to the network of caravan and trade routes, covering approximately 8,000 km over land and sea, and rivers, along which trade flowed in Antiquity between the Chinese Empires and the West. For centuries, caravans of camels loaded with silk passed along it. For a long time, China kept the “secret” of how this valuable material was manufactured, thus guaranteeing a monopoly of this highly prized product which found purchasers as far away as the Roman Empire in the west. 

The name "Silk Way" appeared for the first time in 1877, when the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen (1833-1905) published his work Tagebucher aus China. In the Introduction von Richthofen used the name Seidenstraße or “Silk Way”.
Few names other than the “Silk Way” contain within them such a strong evocative power capable of rousing emotions and the capacity to send the imagination on a journey through boundless natural settings, or condense in a single expression centuries of history and events which have marked the destiny of peoples and cultures.

“The Silk Way” Limited Edition is thus dedicated to this route. It is made entirely of solid Silver on the surface of which can be seen meticulous enamel decorations of the most representative elements of the historic route. 

This masterpiece of craftsmanship from OMAS summarises some of the most representative elements of the “Silk Way” in the stylistic elements of the Limited Edition.

On the cap, embellished with a jade tip, is masterly microfusion and enamel work symbolising the overland journey completed by the caravans of camels across the desert. The clip, like the 18K Gold nib, is decorated with the arabesques which appear on the flag of the “Serenissima” Republic of Venice, the homeland of the most famous traveller between West and East: Marco Polo.

In contrast, the reservoir represents the geography of the sea routes which connected the West, starting from the Venetian lagoon, to the East and the coasts of China and Indonesia. 

Even today, the “Silk Way” is synonymous with exoticism, adventure, cultural exchange and travel to distant lands.

1,877 pens in 925‰ vermeil sterling Silver, made up of 1,000 Piston Filling Fountain Pens and 877 Roller Balls (1877 was the year the book Tagebucher aus China was published).

The fountain pen that we have available is fully sealed from the factory.