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Montblanc Writers Edition Thomas Mann Set 104158

Montblanc Writers Edition Thomas Mann Set 104158
Montblanc Writers Edition Thomas Mann Set 104158
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Montblanc Writers Edition Thomas Mann Set 104158

Montblanc's 2009 Writers Edition Series honors Thomas Mann, a famous writer from the 20th century most notable for his novel “Buddenbrooks”.

Thomas Mann’s masterpiece “Buddenbrooks” has brought him immortality and has turned him into one of the most famous writers of the 20th century.

Montblanc is paying tribute to this unique wordsmith with an equally unique Writers Edition.

The platinum-plated inlays in the rich black lacquer of this writing instrument are inspired by the age of artistic creativity in which Thomas Mann lived: the Art Deco era.

The interplay of colours and materials symbolises the different relationships between the characters in “Buddenbrooks”

Montblanc's Thomas Mann edition included 12000 numbered fountain pens, 15000 numbered ballpoint pens, and 3000 numbered mechanical pencils. A total of 3000 sets were released, each set including one of each of the aforementioned writing instruments.

The fountain pens have an 18kt white gold nib that carries an exclusive to the edition engraving. They use a piston filling system, measure 14.1 cm and weight 56.2 grams.

The ballpoint pens measure 13.4cm and weight 48 grams.

The mechanical pencils measure 13.7cm and weight 56.2 grams.

The set listed here is new, from our own collection and has never been used or sold. It is in overall mint condition and comes with a full set of box and accompanying documents.

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