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Delta Adolphe Sax 1Κ L.E. Fountain Pen

Delta Adolphe Sax 1Κ L.E. Fountain Pen Writing Instruments
Delta Adolphe Sax 1Κ L.E. Fountain Pen
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Delta Adolphe Sax 1Κ L.E. Fountain Pen

Limited Edition Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) Fountain Pen by Delta Italia.

This is a tribute pen to the musical genius of Adolphe Sax who was born in1814 in Dinant, Belgium.

Adolphe Sax's father was a producer of musical instrument and the official supplier of the Belgian army's band. It was at his father's factory that Adolphe Sax discovered his great passion for music and musical instruments.

Adolphe Sax developed the concept of the Saxophone in1838 yet he was so certain that nobody could recreate his ingenious construction that he did not bother to apply for a patent on his creation until 1846!

This limited edition pen is made in precious black resin and sterling silver, and is available in 814 numbered pieces, alluding to the year of Adolphe Sax's birth, 1814.

This is a cartridge/converter fountain pen.

Available in store we have no. 499/814 which has a Broad 18kt solid gold nib.

Pleate note that although this is a new, unusued, never sold pen, time has taken its toll on the leatherette exterior of the box.