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Omas Milord Rose Ebony Wood Fountain Pen O02A0073

Omas Milord Rose Ebony Wood Fountain Pen O02A0073
Omas Milord Rose Ebony Wood Fountain Pen O02A0073
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Omas Milord Rose Ebony Wood Fountain Pen O02A0073

One of OMAS’s talents is to craft the most beautiful materials to carve the barrel of a pen as the valuable Bois de Rose in the Rosé colour, a modern and elegant interpretation of a sensual and precious material.

This wood is rare and precious, always used for sophisticated carvings and cabinet-making.

It owes its name to a particular feature: during its carving in fact it exhales an intense floral essence, so strong and perfumed as to endure for years.

Brazil’s Bois de Rose Rosé is a precious and very beautiful wood. It is difficult to find it, it has a compact hardwood and a pale-yellow colour, which heightens with the seasoning, becoming pinkish red.

Because of its refined chromatic effects, during the XVIII and XIX centuries it was strongly used by French and English cabinet-makers for inlaid works or veneerings.

Even today, being a wood with a difficult carving, it is essentially used for decorative purposes, delicate inlaid works, precious jewels cases, and repair of ancient furniture.

Harmonious shapes, trim in solid silver, elegant and contemporary design renew the OMAS’ institutional style of the Arte Italiana Milord Collection.

A strong and characteristic collection for those who love the truly unique and “handmade” product.

This is piston filling fountain pen, with an 18kt white gold nib, that has an ink tank of 1.42ml.

The fountain pen we are listing here is sealed from the manufacturer and comes in an Omas gift box.

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