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Aurora Ipsilon Metal Fountain Pen B16-RQ

Aurora Ipsilon Metal Fountain Pen B16-RQ
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Aurora Ipsilon Metal Fountain Pen B16-RQ
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Aurora Ipsilon Metal Fountain Pen B16-RQ

Aurora Ipsilon – Innovation, Youth, Joy

The Aurora Ipsilon is an innovative line with a strong attitude.

Ipsilon, with its unmistakably shaped clip, is a loyal everyday companion dedicated to those who work and study.

The Ipsilon Metal is a youthful line full of energy that introduces the user to a first luxury pen.

A very expressive every day writing instrument!

The B16-RQ is an elegant, sporty writing instrument, made of metal with a dark satin finish and a quadratic decoration. It has a stainless steel nib with dark satin finish, and comes in an Aurora gift box along with a converter and a first cartridge.

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Aurora - In the hearts of Italians since 1919.

Since 1919 Aurora has been working in the same way and with the same unchanged passion to create timeless writing instruments, beautiful and concrete with authentic artisanal craftsmanship that can be found only in Italy.

Aurora is proud to never have compromised its commitment to the quality of materials and its manufacturing techniques.

We are proud to present to you the innovative, passionate character of an authentic Italian company.